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Welcome to RBCx Mentor Meetups




Women in Tech

Are you a Canadian woman aspiring to excel in tech and innovation? With women still underrepresented in the industry, our program is designed to pave the path for a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem. Connect with experienced RBCx leaders who understand the journey firsthand, and can provide guidance and support to help you navigate the industry's challenges.

What is Mentor Meetups?

Mentor Meetups is a virtual program that connects you with RBCx leaders for one-on-one mentorship to help you succeed in the tech sector.

How it works

After signing up, we'll match you with the ideal mentors based on your background and preferences. You can choose to work with a single mentor based on your interests. Additionally, sessions can be tailored to your schedule, allowing you to customize your Mentor Meetups experience for maximum benefit.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are seasoned leaders across the RBCx organization. Depending on your background and preferences, we'll match you with mentors that fit your career aspirations.

When does it start?

Registration to be a mentee opens Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. Mentor Meetups sessions start on International Women's Day, March 8th through April 30th, 2024. Sign up for a single one-hour session with a mentor.